How to implement keyword/keyphrase into your website!

When you are writing your articles or blogs do you write them for search spiders or for your subscribers and prospective clients?

marketingneeds seo 3Take a look at the sentence below and see if it looks like your blogs:

“In this blog you will receive a lot of good information about best practices of SEO If you are looking for best practices of SEO you come to the right place and if you use the tips for best practices of SEO you will be successful”

The sample above is a clear copywriting strategy being found by search engine spiders for “best practices of SEO” and you have probably seen it before. But is this actually going to work?

Will search engine find you?

I'm always shocked when I see business owners consider this approach as a healthy approach towards on-page SEO. It usually happens when they read a couple of articles about SEO, keywords and keyphrases impact in SEO and decide to do it by themselves.

Let’s choose a website that publishes a daily blog on health and wellness as an example. They do daily updates everyday and have a good number of subscribers that will visit their website on daily/weekly basis. They take a look at their numbers and see that they are not growing as they expect , the owners decide to add this strategy to their business and surely they start to see increase in the traffic going through the website in just a couple of months.

But something they don’t realize is that the bounce rate is high and nobody is staying on the website for long. They don’t understand that they might have an increase in the number of people finding them through search engines for the keywords/key phrases they like but as soon as they read a couple of sentences,they can easily spot the website as a keyword-stuffed garbage.

Humans come before spiders:

The keyword-stuffing approach will only gain you short-term visitors and you will lose you loyal subscribers.
You should base your business model on target audience, on loyal visitors and subscribers , not on loyal spiders.
You cannot increase loyal traffic in 2 weeks.You need to create a solid foundation for your online marketing strategy.
Stop all the shortcuts and start writing useful articles and blogs for your target audience if you did you job right building your website and have social share buttons or if you are active in social media websites, your loyal customers will promote you and that's the only way you will have the loyal subscribers you are looking for.

All this does not mean that using keywords/key phrases are not important, just when you write your blog think of your audience and write for them not for spiders , research keywords that are used by your audience like I mentioned in the last belog (10 DIY things to do for your website SEO to increase your income from your website.)

If you want loyal subscribers write for them, if you are looking for a shortcut write for spiders. So now it’s the time to decide.

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