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Not every day but at least a couple of times a week potential clients ask me why they should use my company or any other company when they can useweb design marketingneeds Wix, Weebly or Squarespace to make their own websites for free.

These website builders and many others that exist out there has their own Pros and Cons. I am trying to give you main reasons why you should not use them under some circumstances.


-if you are making a brochure website as I call it and you only need to put general information about your business, some pictures or videos then using a website builder could be a good and cheap option for you.
- If you use your website to generate actual traffic on your location or you sell products on your website or when you need custom apps, you are not saving money when you choose a website builder or when you try to do it by yourself in a long run. In fact you are wasting your time as well as potential customers.

Just as a reminder on all these website builders you have to pay extra for everything.At the beginning it seems like $20.00 per month but when you want to start using additional options such as SEO availability or any other plugging your monthly bill will go higher and higher.And in long term paying these websites is way more than paying a professional to get a custom website.

- Website builder are usually slower.

*Usually professional website developers make website with only required codes whereas website builders usually have a lot of unnecessary codes in the the html file that make your website slow.

- Hand coded websites and professional design templates have proper HTMl or PHP codes with no meaningless codes and that’s why search engines can find keywords and phrases easier so that it results in BETTER SEO RANK. Unfortunately website builders include a lot of unnecessary codes and phrases so search engines punish your website.

  • If you have a business that deals with general public and rely on clients finding you online and and you want to convert those from a lead to a client investment in your website, you had better hire a professional rather than a website builder.For instance each customer will spend $500.00 per year in your business if 2 more people in a month find you due to better SEO that is equivalent to $12000.00 per year whereas a custom build website will cost you between $700.00 to $3000.00 unless you need complicated custom apps. It makes perfect sense for your to invest the money in hiring a professional web development company to create your website based on your needs.

if you are looking for a professional Team to design and develop your website we have a solution for you. you can find all our packages with detail in our service page if you cannot find your needs in one of our packages please conatct us with your requirements and we will custom tailor a package based on your needs.

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