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Why is SEO important for my Osteopathy Clinic?

Why Do Manual Osteopaths need to invest in SEO for their Clinics` website?


These are few questions that I get asked on a regular basis by my students about SEO.
Like any other businesses that provide products/services, You, as a Manual Osteopath, need to target prospective clients to build your business upon. Since most people usually search for a product and/or a service online through search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc, it is crucial you invest in SEO. They won’t search your name or your clinic’s name unless they know you or have already used your services.

They will search for keywords such as “Back pain relief” or “How to get rid of my Migraine”. That’s why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) cannot be an afterthought for your Osteopathy Clinic.
In fact, SEO should be one of the most important factors when planning your business.
It is strongly suggested that you include SEO when working on your business plan, as this increases the chance of succeeding. In other words, it is important to layout the necessary components for a successful SEO from the beginning.

SEO ready website and On-Page SEO

Before we discuss the advantages of SEO for you as a Manual Osteopath, we need to talk about “One Page SEO” and technical issues with your website.
These days, Google and other search engines have sophisticated technology to evaluate your website.
When your website has hundreds of technical issues, not only will you have issues with getting your website indexed by search engines, but also you will receive negative points and will be ranked lower no matter how much time and money you spend on your online marketing.
In order to avoid the costly and complicated process of fixing your website in the future and occasionally throwing your website completely away and building a new one, you can address those technical issues from the start rather than choosing a company to build a website with your online marketing and SEO later.
Now let's get started and talk about few most important reasons as to why it is essential to consider SEO from the first stages of your business planning.

How SEO strategy helps you achieve your business goals

“SEO strategy does not mean bringing more traffic to your website. In many cases depending on your business goals,

you may actually need to bring less but the right kind of traffic.

Some of the main business goals that can be achieved by SEO are as follows:

  • Brand Recognition

  • More Profit or ROI

  • Higher client Loyalty

  • Creating a growing Source from targeted leads.

When you create a SEO strategy from the first stages of your business plan for your clinic, you can use SEO as a tool to achieve your goals and your website will become your biggest source of income.

An optimized website and well thought online marketing plan can promote your clinic 24/7.
No employee can do that.

You need to be certain of your business goals and set up your SEO based on that.
For any SEO strategy, one of the biggest factors is your clinic’s topic generation engine.

idea marketingneedsYour Clinic’s topic generation engine:

  • Blogs

  • Videos

  • Images

  • Infographics

  • Emails

To attract the attention of your prospective clients to your website and move them from being prospective clients to be paying clients, you need to have information on your website that people can use and benefit from.
For this reason, you need to regularly generate ideas and topics that your prospective clients are interested in.
Your SEO business goals should be central to the type of content you produce.

For example, if you are sending out a weekly newsletter and you want to increase your subscribers, the easiest way is to create a simple brochure on subject based on your target audience. let's say your target audience is office workers, you can easily choose a subject like: "5 stretches for low back pain you can do at your desk" and offer to email it to all your subscribers, or any other topic but don't forget the title of your brochure should be tempting enough for them to provide the information and subscribe to your newsletter.

This way you will end up having hundreds of email address of people in your area that you can send them email reminders as well as future promotions.

How to find topics to cover

There are different tools and techniques that you can use to find the topics.

Basically, you need to find the keywords that people search for on topics related to your services/products.

  • Google keyword planner:

You can google keyword planner inside google ads platform to get keywords related to your services and estimate how many times during each month people search for those keywords and related keywords people search as well.

  • Third party services: there are many different paid services that you can use such as SEMrush & wordstream to evaluate keywords not only to see how many times people search for those keywords, related keywords and key phrases but also you can find the difficulty of competition for those targeted keywords/key phrases

  • Online forums: you can go on to different forums and social media pages to see the questions people ask, what their concerns are, and what keywords they use in those forums, and choose those as your topic.


There are more to talk about the benefits of SEO for your Osteopathy Clinic’s website.
We showed you how SEO is important for your clinic, and also we talked about the importance of implementing SEO from the beginning stages of Business planning, not after your clinic is open and your website was done.
The last point we tried to bring up in this article was the importance of content creation for your SEO efforts, as well as few ways to choose topics based on your business goals and target audience.
If you have any question or need help planning for your SEO, you can fill up the form below and one of our specialists will get back to you.

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