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Starting and managing a Clinic is challenging. You need to make sure your equipments are in good working condition and your employees are well trained, Along with all these, the most important factor is to get patients in order to grow your practice. If you don’t get enough patients you won’t be able to reach your goals.

Personal networking can bring you some challenge with new customers, so that your business won’t stop growing.

The internet is your best friend if you know how to use it. It helps you get more patients and more importantly your marketing efforts can be  easily traceable , so you can measure your results.

Step One: your website

First step is to create your website : your website is your homebase that helps you get patients. On your website you should write about who you are and what you do.

But before start writing your information or blogs or even hiring someone to design your website, you need to make sure you and your website designer both understand the reason behind your website.

Your website is there to convert potential patients to actual patients and retain your current patient to come back.

To do that other than the type of wording you use,it’s  important to have multiple “call to action” buttons or forms to make it easy for them to call or contact you or to book an appointment and  consultation.

Step two: Social media

You need to be active on social media and try to be friends on social media with your patients to achieve two goals:

    1. To tap into your patients social circle :

    When you have your patients as friends on social media you will gain access to their friends to send them your info and promotions through paid advertising, also it makes it easy for your friends to recommend you to their friends.

  1. To recall:

    By being active on social media, you improve your chances of old patients coming back to you if they have new injuries or need maintenance, check ups and treatments.

Step three: Blogging

By doing blogs on your website about different health related information and all the dysfunctions and problems you treat in your clinic, you can set your website as the go-to place for information. This not only set you up as specialist in your field but also turn your one- time clients into loyal lifetime patients.

Step four: Educate your patients

Through your website you need to educate your potential clients and current patients that Osteopathy is not only for accidents or back pain. They need to understand that you can help your patients from digestion to migraines ,...

Step Five: Special Offers and promotions

One ot the biggest mistakes clinic owners make is when they have a promotion they have not advertise enough.

On everything you have a promotion in your clinic- no matter if it’s a coupon though groupon websites or just a monthly promotion- you need to invest time and money and promote it everywhere from Pay-Per-Click on google to paid advertising on facebook and instagram to make sure you have reached all your market and let them know you have a promotion going on in your clinic.

Last note:

There are many other factors that are important when you want to build your Osteopathy clinic website from your copy writing to size of the images,the colors you choose for your website compatibility in different screen sizes and many more factors that we have talked about in the previous blogs. If you have a question or need more information,you can book a free consultation appointment with one of marketing needs digital marketing specialists. To do that please fillup the form below:

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