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Many small business owners that are trying get business from internet and they try to do it themselves to save money or they think since they have a facebook or instagram account they arekeyword - Marketing Needs professionals and waste alot of money and time before they realise what they are doing wrong.
This can be seen in many different aspects of Online marketing such as PPC advertizing, social media marketing, SEO....
SEO it self has many different sub categories today i want to talk more about one of the important aspects of SEO , Keywords

· Choosing too competitive keywords:
You can use GOOGLE Keyword Tool to start you efforts toward choosing correct keyword its easy to use and Free.
When you use Google keyword tool you can search your keywords and it will give you back keywords related and rates them High, Medium or low
High keywords means there are many website and blogs competing for this keyword and they want to be seen for this keyword
Try to choose a medium ranked keyword its much easier to rank well for those with less efforts
· Choosing keywords nobody is using:
When choosing your keyword and you go only on low ranked keywords and words nobody is using for search for your product or services you are not going to be successful since nobody is using it.
Google keyword tool will also provide information on how many people are searching your keyword if google report is telling you only 10 people per month is searching your keyword don’t even bother wasting your money and time on those keywords
· Choosing keywords that are to generic:
When you are using a really broad terms for your keywords you will get a wide range of traffic to your website that are not looking for your service/product and they won’t become your customers
Traffic for the sake of traffic will not generate income for you.
You might feel good when you see your analysis report that you had 100s of visits to your website but if they didn’t moved from being a visitor to your customer you need to think about your keywords again.


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