should you have a website or your social media presence is enough?

Today one of my former students who has recently started her clinic asked me a question that others might have,

should you have a website or your social media presence is enough?

Do you need a complete control or not?website blog - Marketing Needs

  • When you have your own website you will have a complete control over presenting your business, the position of your data and pictures or your logo and the number of pages you may need… 

  • When dealing with a third party website,you will always be at the mercy of the company and you will have restrictions as they will update and change anything whenever they want...

  • Also when most people search you on the internet and see you do not have a website,the first thing that comes to their mind is a facebook or google page.Whereas you don’t take your business seriously enough to build your own website,why should people bring their business to you?


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  • Having a website:Having your website optimized based on the latest rules and guidelines is easy.

  • Having a facebook page: Optimizing you facebook page is really hard or even impossible


  • Having a website: When you own your website you can change and brand it based on your latest marketing campaign when it is required.

  • Having a facebook page: While you can add your logo and make minor changes in how information appears, you're still at the mercy of Facebook's look. When changes are made, you usually only find it out when the new design showing up on your Facebook page.


  • Having a website: When you own a website you can easily follow each link to your website and find out where they came from ( how many came from social media or other links and all the data and information are your secrets).

  • Having a facebook page: When you use facebook or other social media pages your competitors can see the number of your viewers as well as your fans.


Last but not least today facebook is popular and you put all your effort to gather thousands of fans and followers on your facebook page but a year later there might be another social media site that buzzes, so all or most of your fans will stop coming to your facebook page.Therefore you have to start over on other social media sites such as myspace,...

All I said does not mean you should not have a facebook page, you should,as well as all other main social media platforms that are buzzing right now like Instagram ,Google+,.. But keep your website as the main place for your customer to come and you should move everybody from all those platforms to your main website to access more information and communication with you and your staff.

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