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When you surf the internet to learn how to design your website or what you need to include on your website, there will be thousands of pages talking about that, but not so many of them talking about how to design a website for a health clinic or an Osteopathy clinic. I know when you think about creating your own website, there might be lots of sources and it might be overwhelming at times, and making wrong decisions will lead to wasting lots of money. Having the right information and specialist in the field on your side, you can have beautiful, functional and affordable website without breaking the bank.

Below I will go through some of basic information you need to consider when starting your web design process:

Your Audience

Creating an Osteopathy Clinic website or multidisciplinary clinic website , you have to consider what’s most important to your audience AKA and your patients.

  1. Current patient

  2. Prospective patients

web design marketingneeds 2Current patients

Your current patients are most likely looking for:

  • Scheduling information

  • Clinic news and updates

Prospective patients:

Your prospective patients are a little different since they have never used your services and products they are looking for.

  • Insurance information

  • Hours of operation

  • Location

  • Contact information

  • Forms

That is why it is important that your website cater to all your audiences’ needs That's why I recommend your website to have:

  • Headline: A clear headline or slogan to identify who you are and to grab their attention in less than 5 seconds

  • Call to action: CTAs are one of the most important elements you need to make sure your website has in order to make it easy for your clients to take action and book a treatment or contact you with their questions. When you do CTAs right, you will increase your SEO ranking as well

  • Navigation bar: having a visible and easy to find navigation on the top of the page is very important. You need to make sure your clients can easily navigate through your website and find the information they are looking for. When designing your website, you need to make sure your menu bar follows the best practices for your patients such as :

    • User friendly: use terms and words that are descriptive and easy to understand such as [ book an appointment, about our Team,…]

    • Drop down menus: avoid complicated and multi-layer sub pages. The more complicated you make your Manu system, the less chances of your patient finding the information they are looking for and they will leave your website for another google search to find another Osteopathy clinic to answer their questions.

    • Contact information: make sure your contact information is always available on top right corner visible for website visitors


seo marketingneedsWith all the competition you cannot forget about Search engine rankings. To make sure you are ranking as high as possible on search engines such as google and bing, you need to make sure you embrace Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices.
In previous Marketing Needs blogs I’ve been through SEO best practices over and over again. But something people keep forgetting is when we talk about keywords and key phrases which does not mean you need to put Osteopathy and Osteopathy treatment in every sentence. You need to do a proper keyword analysis and understand words that your prospective patients are searching for and use them in proper context.
Let us say you provide treatment for Migraine, do a keyword research and learn what your prospective patients are searching for when looking for remedies for they migraine and write a blog about how you can help patients with migrant and use those keywords.
Make sure your articles won’t sound unrealistic because you are trying to include as many keywords into the text as you can. Keyword stuffing will actually have a negative impact on your Search Engine ranking .

There are a lot more you need to consider and this list is not complete but in the next few weeks I am going to publish blogs on this subject on each of them and I will go through various things to consider when you want to start your clinic from logo design and color scheme to online booking and pages you need to include in your website.
I hope you find this article useful to understand how to design your clinics website. At Marketing Needs we have a range of different services you can use to design and develop your website as well as designing and developing your brand identity for marketing and promoting your brand through social media marketing ,search engine optimization and email marketing. If you have any questions or need more information,you can contact us to book a free consultation.


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