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If you think branding does not apply to your Osteopathy Clinic, you cannot be more wrong.

The truth is every product or service from a restaurant to a Osteopathy clinic needs branding to stand out.

Below we are going to name key steps you need to take to have a strong Brand for your Osteopathy Clinic.



When I start talking about branding, most people start to think about big names like Microsoft, apple or McDonalds and this makes it hard for them to understand how you can  do it comparing to those big names.

Branding for a Osteopathy Clinic means how you can define and explain who you are, what you stand for and how you can help your prospective clients. In short, it’s about turning your clinic into part of the local community.

Mission statement

If you want to have a strong and successful Osteopathy brand, you need to think about why you have opened an Osteopathy clinic.You cannot simply go with “I provide the best osteopathy treatment”.

Think about your specialities,your education or anything that sets you apart from other Practitioners around you.

when you figure out your goals, you find the image you want to project then you are ready to write your mission statement.


Highlighting  strengths

One of the most important aspects of branding an Osteopathy clinic or any other health related clinic is to emphasise on what makes you unique and  why should the client choose you over your competition.

Instead of having a generic statement about how you can treat patients with low back pain, talk about experiences you had before with a patient with back pain. For example how his/her life was different when you treated  them for few sessions, or

Instead of adding one line “can help athletes” talk about how you could  help  athletes with injuries to heal or preventive treatments and assessment to prevent or  reduce chances of injury.

If you have a success story, you can explain it in more details (of course with consideration of patient confidentiality ).

With these kind of information on your website, you can set yourself apart from all other practitioners in your area and present yourself as an expert in your field.


Before anything else in branding and marketing for your Osteopathy clinic, you need to create your image.The image you are creating is based on your target audience, so  you need to know who your audience is.

If you don’t target your audience and you start to shout out to everyone in your social media and flyers and brochures and try to create a massage that talks to everyone, you will have a slim  chance of success and have to spend a lot more on marketing.

You need to determine who you are talking to and work out what  their needs are.

The whole idea of printing flyers or sharing a post in social media is to be useful or inspiring.

You need to make sure you know your niche market and your goals.

Every action you take, every post you publish or every flyer you print is a  part of your plan to reach your goals.

Brand consistency

Something that I keep saying in different articles and blogs is that you need to be consistent.

You need to make sure in all your online and offline marketing efforts, from your website and social media pages to flyers, brochures , pamphlets or any other printed media you may have, make sure you  are sending out same massages and same tones. When you have this, you can be sure you have created a unique and identifiable image for your brand.

Promoting your brand

Finally you need to start promoting your brand and this includes:

1. Email marketing

2. Social media marketing

3. Pay per click ad on google

4. Neighborhood marketing

5. Local search engine marketing

The most important part of promoting your brand is that everybody in your clinic needs to be trained and monitored to know your plans, goals and brand. They should  know how to interact with patients, otherwise all your time,money and efforts for branding and marketing will be wasted. This includes your customer service staff and all other practitioners plus staff that works with your Osteopathy Clinic.

These were just a few basic steps you can take to create your Osteopathy Clinic brand. I hope you find this article useful to create or strengthen your own brand. At Marketing Needs we have a range of different services you can use to develop and promote your brand from designing and developing your brand identity to marketing and promoting  your brand through social media marketing ,search engine optimization and email marketing. If you have any questions or need more information, fill the form below and book a free consultation.

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