10 DIY things to do for your website SEO to increase your income from your website.

marketingneeds seo 11/ Research keywords

When you are thinking about improving your SEO and getting more in your market you need to start with a keyword research.

You might know the jargons in your industry but the words you and your colleagues use might be completely different from what prospective customers use! You need to optimize your website with keywords and phrases your prospective clients use to search your products and services online.

The best way to do this is to use google keyword planner [for that you need to open a google ads account], but there are other websites that provide you with a good analysis of keywords people use to search for your product or services such as SEMrush and wordtracker or ubersuggest.

2/ Understanding your competition

Search around the internet and find other companies that provide same product/services.So you can easily search google for the same service/product and see all the websites that are in the first page of google result and ask yourself:

  • What type of website do they have?

  • Think about the structure of  their website to see if it is easy to get to the buying product or booking an appointment than your website?

  • What keywords are they using in their website?

  • What features do they use to engage their prospective clients?

  • How do they use their social media pages?

3/ Planning necessary changes

Next step is to plan all the changes you need to make to your website to increase the number of clients visiting your website as well as converting them from strangers to clients. The first step is to make sure your current website does not have structural issues and in order to do that you can get your website analyzed from many available websites such as SEMrush or seositecheckup ( They will provide you with a health percentage of 80% healthy and higher if you have a good website and they will also provide you with a list of things you need to fix ( using seositecheckup is easier for a novice users). If you have a low percentage you need to consult with a ‎digital marketing company like Marketing Needs to fix the issue with your website or we can build a new website for you.

But let's say you have a healthy website; you need to create a list of changes you need to make based on your competitors research you have made such as:

  • Adding social share

  • Blog page

  • Contact us page

  • Updating pictures

  • Adding keywords and keyphrases

  • …..

4/ Producing regular content

Create a schedule of publishing new content on your website. When deciding on the frequency of the updates please be realistic to choose an schedule that you can keep if each update will take too long for you, you cannot schedule that because  you will do it everyday so you need to do your other duties as well maybe once a week or at least once a month.

5/ Creating a consistent social media presence

Based on your competitor analysis you can choose 2-3 social media networks to be a part of. There are many options but you don't have to bea part of all of them. You can choose the ones related to your target market.

Like your website updates, you need to be consistent in your social media updates.

marketingneeds seo 26/ Google analytics

You cannot decide what you need to optimize if you are not measuring your success rate.

You need to track your online performance to be able to see if your efforts are successful or not.

You can go through the traffic of your website and see what times of the day people are coming to your website and where they are coming most,Through you facebook or instagram ?

What are the age range?

If you are selling something for senior citizens and most of your visitors are 18-24, you are promoting your website to the wrong group. Even though you do have traffic going through your website, you will have a low conversion rate.

7/ Readability

One of the most important thing on your website is the fact that it should be easily readable by your audience.

You can not use the same language as you will use on a PHD dissertation. When you have a clinic and your audience is an average person with a back pain and you are talking about “back pain”,you need to use words and jargons understandable by public.

8/ Mobile optimization

If you are still using a 10-year-old website that does not have a mobile version google,it will penalize your site which means you will be bumped down in search results.

9/ Social sharing

The number of facebook shares , tweets , pinster pins and other social media mentions has a huge impact on your seo rank.

Installing social media share buttons under your blogs and articles can make it easy for your visitors to share  your information to their friends and at the same time you will get a better rank from search engines.

10/ Ask for help

If you get stuck and you are not getting results or you cannot understand why your conversion rate is low ask questions.

There are too many blogs and websites that provide information. Go through them, read and be active on forums and ask questions.

If you are busy and spending time on these things, you will reduce your profit because you can not perform your other duties of your business. You had better hire a professional team to handle your online marketing.

If you have any questions or if you want to book an appointment for Consultation, please go to our contact us page here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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