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Marketingneeds optimizationWhen we are talking about On-Page Optimization There are many different things we do as SEO Specialists and web designers/developers like :

  • Cleaning codes

  • Meta tags

  • Keyword placement

  • Keyword density

  • Use of headings

  • And many other things

What I want to write about today is the importance of writing for people not search spiders.

It is true that SEO and On-Page SEO are important but you need to think about your audience while writing your blog/article.

One of the easiest ways to increase your visibility in search engine result and optimizing your websites for search engines is Blogging.blogging

You can achieve better connection with your current clients and reach to your prospective clients by regular blog updates on your website.

You can easily show yourself as an authority in your field and also show search engines that your website is updated and fresh by.

Regular blogging will drive traffic to your website and also make it possible for you  to engage with your prospective clients.

Today one of my former students that has started her clinic asked me a question that I thought others might have.

Do you need a complete control or not?website blog - Marketing Needs

  • When you have your own website you will have complete control over presenting your business, the position of your data and pictures or your logo, number of pages you may need… 

  • When dealing with a third party website,you will always be at the mercy of the company and you will have restrictions as they will update and change anything as they please 

  • Also when most people search you on the internet and see you do not have a website,the first thing that comes to their mind is a facebook or google page.Whereas you don’t take your business seriously enough to build your own website,why should people bring their business to you?

Most people who want to start a new business or already have a business and want to start having an online presence do not usually know where to start.

website - Marketing Needs

1-Choosing a domain name: There are a few easy steps you can take to do it easier and cheaper:

If you have a business name you can easily go to one of many big domain registrars like Godaddy to search and find out if your desired domain name is available to purchase or not.You can get them from $6.00 per year to 15 per year.
And buy it yourself make sure the ownership is not under the name of the web developer or designer.

Many small business owners that are trying get business from internet and they try to do it themselves to save money or they think since they have a facebook or instagram account they arekeyword - Marketing Needs professionals and waste alot of money and time before they realise what they are doing wrong.
This can be seen in many different aspects of Online marketing such as PPC advertizing, social media marketing, SEO....
SEO it self has many different sub categories today i want to talk more about one of the important aspects of SEO , Keywords

Not every day but at least a couple of times a week potential clients ask me why they should use my company or any other company when they can useweb design marketingneeds Wix, Weebly or Squarespace to make their own websites for free.

These website builders and many others that exist out there has their own Pros and Cons. I am trying to give you main reasons why you should not use them under some circumstances.